Hwa Rang Kwan



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Master Melissa McPeters started training at Hwa Rang Kwan in 1999, when she first moved to San Francisco from Japan. She got her first black belt in 2003 and has taught Tae Kwon Do to Tiger Tots and to adults. In December 2015, she received her 5th Dan and has continued to train regularly.

Tae Kwon Do has helped her increase her fitness level and improve her balance, flexibility and speed. She strongly believes in Tae Kwon Do’s value to her life outside of the Dojang, improving her confidence in all situations, be it public speaking or traveling to a foreign country.

Hwa Rang Kwan has afforded Melissa the opportunities of participating in Tae Kwon Do demonstrations and charity fundraising.

Melissa’s favorite kicks are the jump around roundhouse and jump around spin kick because the combination of spinning, jumping and kicking are fun!

Her positive experience with Tae Kwon Do motivated her to start her own personal training and nutrition consulting business, Ultra Fit SF.