Hwa Rang Kwan



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Master Bridger Fox accepted the position as HRK General Manager and Senior Instructor July 2018 returning to teaching after 4 years of retirement. In those 4 years, Master Fox pursued work in the entertainment industry and in academic research in the areas of microbiology, health policy, and healthcare management. Whenever the opportunity arises, Master Bridger Fox still picks up work as a stunt coordinator, stunt fighter, actor, and model.

Master Fox was born and raised in the SF Bay Area. They identify as mixed heritage mestiza Filipino, queer, and gender non-conforming. Respectfully, any pronoun, (he/she/they) is acceptable, but use of the gender neutral pronoun, “they,” demonstrates a higher level of courtesy and awareness that is noted and appreciated. Master Fox carries the physical and emotional scars of surviving late-stage lyme and babesia infection from a tick bite, as well as trauma from early abuse and assault. These experiences have given them a deep commitment to increasing accessibility for our community’s diverse range of physical, mental, and emotional abilities through modifications and adjusting training methods.

Master Fox began training in 1989 and studied martial arts obsessively ever since. Since age 7, Master Fox pored over martial arts and fitness books, magazines, videos, and trained with as many teachers as time would allow. Master Fox trained and competed in several martial arts: karate, judo, kendo, kenjutsu, kali, kickboxing, boxing, but most heavily in Olympic taekwondo. Professionally, they worked in armed security, executive protection, and firearms instruction. Their fitness certifications include NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise, and CrossFit Level 1.  

Their commitment to social justice in the 90’s led to touring as a professional speaker on LGBTQ rights and sensitivity, to working for Community United Against Violence as Director of Youth Services, and other positions in community organizing, grant writing, health education, crisis counseling, and case management.

Master Bridger Fox retired from teaching martial arts in 2014 after 15 years as Executive Director of the nonprofit social justice and self-defense school Progressive Martial Arts, to explore academia. Master Fox’s academic focus is health policy, microbiology, and healthcare business administration. Their current research work centers around identifying and addressing the most statistically relevant sources of violence towards women and gender minorities with the intent to challenge martial arts and self-defense communities to step up and take the lead in addressing these problems more effectively. Master Fox strongly believes everyone, but especially the martial artist, should embody and diligently lead the practice of consent culture. Promoting consent culture is an effective way to combat the predominant rape culture and it should a be a duty of anyone committed to anti-violence work.

Master Fox is deeply committed to making martial arts training accessible to all and believes in the life changing power of the traditional martial arts path. The martial arts journey may not be right for everyone, but for any who seek it, Master Fox is devoted to carrying the light and guiding each student without judgement for history, demographic, occupation, physical, or emotional limitation.