Hwa Rang Kwan


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On a suggestion from a college classmate while living in Ohio, Scott got started in ITF Taekwondo in the late 1980s, eventually attaining a brown belt.

After moving west Scott renewed his journey for a time at the old Hwa Rang Kwan school on Sutter Street. Another long hiatus followed, involving many years of road cycling and bike racing; but he couldn't forget his brief yet fond memories of training at Hwa Rang Kwan.

So under the guidance of Master Steve, Scott rekindled his passion for Taekwondo and began his path anew as a white belt at the dojang on 5th Street in the heart of SoMa.

Showing incredible courage and indomitable spirit to overcome a serious knee injury, Scott persevered and eventually made everyone happy by receiving his 1st Dan Black Belt in December 2013.

Scott now teaches the Saturday morning Children's TKD class, and assists Master Jovanny with the Tuesday kids Taekwondo classes at Alta Vista Elementary School.

Coming from a family of educators, Scott has unsurprisingly gained an interest in helping others with their poomse and overall curriculum. And being a cyclist, he loves activities that build endurance, as well as activities that channel power and focus; such as forms and basics.

Scott spends his days working as an independent software developer/consultant, and his evenings at the dojang practicing tirelessly.

His many hobbies include vegan cooking, culinary arts, sustainable living, and of course cycling.