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5th Dan Master Jose Ponssa was born in Argentina, and Tae Kwon Do has been part of his life since he was a very young child. A close family friend trained in Tae Kwon Do and taught Master Jose his first basic kicking techniques. However, it was not until 1991 that his official training began while attending college in Miami, Florida.

As a physical education credit, Master Jose chose Tae Kwon Do. Master Ray Rodriguez led the class, and he also happened to run Ray’s Take Kwon Do Center in Miami Springs. If you took his college class, you could go to his school to train for free, so Master Jose took full advantage of this and signed up every semester for Master Ray’s class. In 1996, Master Jose received his first black belt.

Ray’s Tae Kwon Do is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation school which encourages Olympic style competition training and participation, and Master Jose competed in numerous local, regional and national qualifiers and tournaments.

Master Jose moved to the Bay Area in 2000, and continued to train at The Alameda Academy of Tae Kwon Do under Master Dan Tuazon until he saw Master Andy Maguire’s Craigslist’ post for Atomic Tae Kwon Do.

Master Jose joined Atomic Tae Kwon Do at Hwa Rang Kwan in 2002, and began co-teaching alongside Master Andy Maguire in 2007. Under Master Andy and Master Steve, Master Jose received his Kukkiwon certified second Dan in 2004, third Dan in 2006, and fourth Dan in 2010.

As an instructor Master Jose emphasizes the competitive aspect of Tae Kwon Do in all his classes, utilizing the application of solid basic techniques into effective and fun drills that have direct application in Olympic style sparring.