Hwa Rang Kwan


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At the age of five, Abraham started practicing Tae Kwon Do at a tournament-focused studio. His parents forced him into martial arts with the intention of toughening his gentle disposition (he might have been a cry baby).

Around the age of 8, Abraham’s studio determined that he would not “just be beaten to a pulp”, so he started to attend tournaments and bringing home shiny decorations.

He received his 2nd poom black belt when he was 13.

Since then, Abraham has begun to appreciate the portability of Tae Kwon Do. In his undergrad, he helped run the university Tae Kwon Do club. Even when he went abroad, he found TKD studios to continue his practice and socialize. 

Abraham moved to the Bay Area in September of 2014 to work on his fine arts MFA. Within just weeks of moving here, he joined Hwa Rang Kwan so he could exercise in a way he finds enjoyable, and continue to refine his Tae Kwon Do techniques.