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HWA RANG KWANThe friendly place to condition your mind, body & soul

Welcome to HWA RANG KWAN Martial Arts Center       

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Excellent instruction, not only from the HRK staff but also from every black belt who trains here. Just an amazing atmosphere for learning a new skill, making friends and sweating my ass off
Yelp review from Gary B
At Hwa Rang Kwan we strive every day to cement our reputation as "the friendly place to condition your mind, body and soul." We are a growing community of adults and children who are learning martial arts, strengthening ourselves internally and externally, getting into the best shape of our lives, and having fun doing it.
Thank you for your commitment and focus on making HRK not just a great school for learning TKD, but also a wonderful and thriving community
2nd Dan Black Belt Kara Sprague
We take our training seriously, but not ourselves. We work out hard in Taekwondo and Kickboxing at the dojang, and still often find the time to augment our training with community activities such as running, hiking, softball, racing, biking, camping, track, dodgeball, football (futbol!) and the occasional picnic.
It never hurts to try one class, you might even get hooked
Yelp review from Kickboxer Jennie Sue
We have seven programs, for adults and for kids as young as three:
Many of our adult students enjoy studying both the traditional martial art of Taekwondo and the modern art of Kickboxing.

That sums up Hwa Rang Kwan - we're a traditional school with a modern attitude, emphasizing the key characteristics of martial arts through the ages: honesty, integrity, respect, discipline and conditioning, all the while seeking balance by sweating with a smile.
New to martial arts? Hwa Rang Kwan is one of the most welcoming and amazing places to workout (and it's fun!)
Yelp review from Kickboxer Jesse Yowell
Interested in finding out more? Explore our site, or better still, call or email us to arrange a tour of our wonderful school. It may turn out to be the call that changes your life.

Hwa Rang!
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If you would like more information about any of our classes, please call us at 415.495.2025, or send us an email to arrange a tour. Your new adventure awaits.
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